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good morning, america. breaking new details on the tragic aftermath of the nation's deadliest air racing disaster. pieces of an on board camera found in the wreckage. did the plane's souped up design cause the accident? tough sell. a bomb shell book sends shock waves through the white house. will the harsh allegations handicap the big push to fix the economy? mansion mystery. new clues about the bizarre death of a billionaire's girlfriend. her sister speaks out. what a night for "modern
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family" the hit comedy sweeps the emmys. the big fights, the comeback moment everyone was talking about. what are you pointing at? >> there we are. >> right up there on the big screen, george. good to have you back. hope everyone had great weekend. our friends at "modern family" they sure did. the host of the emmys called it the "modern family" awards at one point. congratulations. >> it could have not happened to nicer people. i loved when she said, what will i talk to my shrink about now? charlie sheen cleaned up. and we're hearing for the first time from the powerful banker dominique strauss-kahn.
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he was accused of assaulting the maid after a new york hotel. he did his first interview on french television. and demi lovato is here live. she'll then sing a new song. first, let's get to the new dae tals on the stunt plane crash that killed nine, wounded scores more. this is the plane just before it crashed into the vip box seats. abc's david wright is in reno. >> reporter: that plane was traveling as fast as a speeding bullet when it hit to ground. the investigators are make progress if their search for answers. as vidly as these images tell
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the store oi of what happened. there's another camera angle that may be even more helpful to the investigators. a forward-facing camera mounted on the galloping ghost. investigators say the plane was equipped with a basic flight data analyzer. >> these could be critical for us to perform analysis that would allow us to look at structural or medical issues. >> reporter: one big question. did a piece of the aircraft fall off as the plane rounded the final turn. after of it seems to be missing in one of the final photographs taken. they did find a damaged elevator trim tab in the debris. >> we cut ten feet off the
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wings, five feet off each side. >> reporter: in a video posted to youtube in, jimmy leeward, the pilot, talked about how he modified the plane. >> the systems weren't proven yet. we think they're be okay. >> reporter: the pilot was killed in the crash. a young man, michael wogan, was killed in the crash. a retired pilot from air canada and his wife were killed. and greg who was attending the air races for the first time. art o'connor was a luckier one. he showed us a piece of the metal that hit him in the back. >> that's a piece of the plane. >> reporter: he took it home as a grim souvenir. >> wow, that hit me. it's mine. >> reporter: he now realizes that finders keepers may not be
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the rule that applies. he says he's willing to give it back to investigators. we go washington, d.c. now. the president will propose more than $2 trillion in new savings of the next decade, including a plan to make sure that millionaires and billionaires pay as much taxes as middle class workers. a new bok tells some behind the scenes stories. it's hard to imagine worse timing for the white house. >> reporter: that's right. president obama wants the focus today to be on his plan for deficit reduction. more than $2 trillion over the next couple of years. white house officials have spent so much time responding to charges in this book that paints a picture of the white house plagued by infighting and sexism. damning details fill the pages
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of "confidence men." larry summers tells another top aide, we're home alone, there's no adult in charge. clinton would never have made these mistakes. senior adviser, peter rouse. a memo criticizing how the economic team tries to relitigate all the policies. forcing reconsideration of the details in the the last moment. and then tim geithner is slow and uneven. >> have a seat. >> reporter: behind the artifice of white house photo ops, aides fight for roersly. in one showdown, summers yells what you've down is immoral. some former aides say the book does not ring true. >> you put a bunch of economists in a room, we're going to argue and squabble, substantively. we did a lot of that.
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at the end of the day, we typically came up with a unified recommendation for the chief. >> reporter: one of the biggest issues? did women feel they were shut out of a boy's club atmosphere. >> i got to say this is bunk. >> reporter: cries tina roamer said she felt like a piece of meat after being left out of a meeting. she now denies saying that another quote -- this place would be in court for a hostile work place. dunn now says she doesn't think the white house is hostile. she's one of several women who expressed concerns about how women are excluded. the most explosive charge is that tim geithner refused to carry out an order by the president to prepare for the s
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dissolution of a bank. the author is said to have misunderstood what was going on or misconstrued it purposely. >> the president's new plan out today. the republican leaders in congress made it clear yesterday that the ideas are going nowhere. the white house is betting that the ideas will work for them in the campaign. >> that's right. the plan is the president is proposing more than $2 trillion in new deficit reduction spending, including $1.5 trillion in new taxes. including the buffett rule. to make sure millionaires pay the same rate at everyone else. cuts to medicare. to means-test medicare so wealthier seniors have to pay more if they don't, the benefits go down.
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>> no raising of the retirement age. thanks, jake. to the case that sent shock waves around the world. when the man set to run for president of france was accused of sexual assaulting a hotel maid here in new york. dominique strauss-kahn says the encounter was inappropriate but legal. >> reporter: good morning. dominique strauss-kahn waited four months to have his say. what he heard is a major moral lapse but deanying any criminal wrong doing. finally, he speaks. [ speaking french ] >> reporter: i think it was a moral failure, and i'm not proud of it, said dominique strauss-kahn. i regret it immensely. i've regretted it every day for the last four months. i don't think i'm done regretting it. it was a humble, if not rehearsed performance.
7:10 am
strauss-kahn suggested whatever sex transpired was consensual. there was no violence, no aggression. the alleged victim, daphne diallo, gave an interview to robin roberts. >> he pushed me like this to the floor. i cannot move. i cannot move. i tried. >> reporter: the story she told is a lie, said strauss-kahn. the allegations forced him to resign as head of the international monetary fund. last month, all charges against him were dropped because of inconsistencies in the maid's testimony. she's pursuing a civil case. >> we're going to use the resources of our firm to hold him accountable. >> he said there was though crime. >> why he said that? because he's a powerful -- because he's a rich man?
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>> reporter: he is also man with a reputation for being sexually aggressive with women. which is why these women demonstrated. he's been investigated for an alleged sexual assault in france eight years ago. that case, he insists, is i imaginary. strauss-kahn insists he did not pay for sex. he's trying to rehabilitate himself. one dream has now eluded him. he acknowledged he had planned to run for president of france next year. now, he will not be a candidate. >> a civil case is pending. thank you. let's go to josh elliott for the other stories. we're going to begin with breaking news overseas. what appears to be a foiled terrorism plot in england this morning, police arrested seven people in birmingham in an
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overnight sting. the suspected islamic extremists are in custody and are between the ages of 22 and 32 year old. their homes are now being searched. 57-year-old jeremiah fogle shot and killed his wife and then bust through the doors of his former church down the street and shot two pastors from behind while they were praying. pa in tennessee, five bikers have been found dead inside their camper at an annual charity event. carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected. it likely came from an outside generator. a shocking scene on the stage of a television show in russia. take a look. two russian billionaires arguing when things got extraordinarily
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heated. that guy throwing the right hook, a former kgb agent. he said he didn't want to chance getting hit first. finally -- usually at 16 you're happy to drive. not lexi thompson. she just became the youngest winner ever in ladies professional golf history. she finished with a 2 under 70 yesterday. that is a big hug from her caddy, who happens to be her daddy. that is remarkable. >> didn't she say this was a life long dream. she's 16. >> exactly. she's been -- she's been pro since 15. she's far more accomplished than i ever will be. >> we have to take referee lessons now. >> wait? should i -- i feel like i should hit somebody. i don't want to get hit first. i'm going to come and start throwing.
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>> apparently the rule is, you have to hit first. if you fear you might be hit at any time. one of the things, we do not condone that behavior. let's look what the heavy rain did in texas. a quick burst of heavy rain. it ran off so much because the ground was dry. there's very little soaking in going on. we're still 23 inches below normal in the houston area. sh in the austin area. these showers end today. it will be dry for the next few days. there will be heavier rain in nashville today. the brisk weather before the days of fall start.
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all of america's weather in the next half hour. robin? now to the medical advance
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that may alter for good how doctors find and treat cancer. a new look at how doctors can look at ovarian cancer tumors. very promising. >> medical researchers say they have take an significant step in helping surgeons see the diseased cells when they're small and impossible to detect with a human eye. it's a glow in the dark break through that could forever change the fight against cancer. doctors call it floresn't imaging. it turns cancer sells, ovarian cancer cells into a bright, glowing material. it allows them to see cancer cells 30 times smaller than previously possible. enabling them to find five times as many cancerous depositive
7:17 am
zits as before. >> we envision being able to use that strategy for about 40% of human cancers. our anticipation is that it will extend life span. >> reporter: similar surgery is being used to catch other forms of cancer at the cleveland clinic. a pink and blue light dye that see bladder cancer. >> the contrast with our dyes is much more stark than anything else to date. >> reporter: the mayo clinic is starting to schedule this type of surgery next month. ovarian cancer is the most deadly of the gynecological k d cancers. doctors believe it will help to save lives. >> that is hopeful news. a lot of smiles around here this morning. because our favorite show cleaned up last night. five emmys for "modern family."
7:18 am
lara spencer was there. she has the highlights. >> hey, george. it was such a party atmosphere. that was brought by jane lynch. she came to play. it was all in the family, for "modern family." an emmy love-fest. the statue for best comedy. ♪ >> okay, let's open the presents. >> yes. >> reporter: they're america's funny, dysfunctional family. they were taken seriously last night, winning five emmys. >> welcome back to the "modern family" awards. >> reporter: including best comedy and supporting comedy actor and actress. >> my legs were doing a lot of this. >> my legs were shaking. >> reporter: was there way you connected before the moments? >> ed said, whoever wins, they deserve it. >> reporter: it was a night where tv's finest made spectacles of themselves.
7:19 am
best comedy actress nominees racing on stage pageant style. >> amy led it off with storming the stage. >> melissa mccarthy. >> reporter: it was melissa's nod for "mike & molly." a humble sheen talked to his old show. >> i want to take a moment to say something. to the people from my old show. from the bottom of my heart. i wish you nothing but the best for this upcoming season. >> it was odd. >>. >> reporter: he was very earnest and self-deprecating. not weird. >> you're right. that's what was odd about it. >> "mad men." >> reporter: "mad men" won best
7:20 am
drama for the fourth year in a row. julianna margulies and kyle chandler won. and for julie bowen and ty burrell. were they the first tv couple to win emmys together? >> have it ever happened. >> i know the answer. mary tyler moore and dick van dyke. and a few more. >> all right. another big moment backstage involving charlie sheen. hen he came face to face with his replacement, ashton kutcher. i had a friend right there. he said awkward was an understatement. he said he's giving the new kid a little advice. i can only imagine. we'll be back later in the show on who wore what on tv's biggest night. >> i can't wait for ashton's tweet. coming up, exclusive photos
7:21 am
of robyn gardner in awe rub bah. and the mansion mystery in san diego. a new clue could open up the case. [ beeping ] ♪ hush, little baby ♪ don't you cry ♪ soon the sun ♪ is going to shine ♪ [ male announcer ] toyota presents the prius family. ♪ walk if i want, talk if i want ♪ [ male announcer ] there's the original one... the bigger one... the smaller one...
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning 7:26. he want to say good morning to brendan who is getting ready for school and wanted to see this view in annapolis. notice the high clouds across
7:27 am
the sky. we have a lot of sunshine and sunshine may dim out occasionally as we are pushing more clouds into the picturemostly sunny. 56 in p.a. and further back to the west look at rain in the great lakes and that's going to try to sneak in our direction. that's part of the reason why we have the cloud cover building in across the area. as we start off mostly sunny but build in the clouds this afternoon going for a high of 70678 here tanya with -- 70. here tanya with traffic. >> reporter: slowing down out thront beltway especially the outer loop. -- out there. especially the -- slowing down out there on the belt wait especially the outer loop. this is around to edmonton and harford road slow traffic to perring parkway through the charles street construction. and now to our charles with local news. >> baltimore city police are investigating two shootings from the past weekend. details remain sketchy but we are told a man was shot shortly before 10 half the night at the
7:28 am
greyhound bus terminal on haynes street hains streight a woman is recovering after being shot atashburtton in west baltimore. police say she was shot in the right arm saturday night. she is listed in stable condition. police have no suspects in the shooting. back now to new york for more of "good morning america." the dancing with the stars 13th season premiers tonight at 8. you will want to check that  out. always you are follow us at apc2 and friend us on facebook we are there with news weather and traffic. have great day.
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we can never be friends! we can survive. we can have a relationship. but i can never be your friend until you tell me i would never do it again. >> lots of fireworks on "real housewives of new york." just the latest sign of real trouble for the whole franchise. can it survive the real-life drama? and "dancing with the stars" kicks off tonight. with a cast so many people are talking about. we're headed behind the scenes for an exclusive look at the -- oh, look at carson. the final rehearsaling. >> carson kressley-nancy grace smackdown.
7:31 am
and demi lovato will be here. she's talking to robin about the struggles she's overcome. >> the lovatics are here. it's trending on twitter now. >> we'll get all that. first, it's a crucial day for officials investigating the ds appearance of robyn gardner in aruba. more than six weeks after she vanish vanished, they'll try to reenact her final days. we have exclusive new photos, too. >> reporter: that's right. investigators will use the jigsaw pieces of information they have. the exclusive never before seen photos. sn snippets of surveillance videos. they'll try to dig your out, did robyn gardner drown? did her companion commit a
7:32 am
crime? abc news has obtained these exclusive photos. out partying in aruba two nights before she disappeared. wearing the same ankle-length dress she would wear the day she vainish i vanished from this isolated jetty. they'll use these photos and video to reconstruct her disappearance. >> the key to reenactment is to try to understand and be clear about the movements of people prior to a criminal act occurring. in this case, you don't have a crime scene to eventually end your reenactment. >> reporter: that because so far, investigators have no evidence linking giordano to any crime. two eyewitnesses will set to participate. but giordano won't be there.
7:33 am
multiple sources tell us he's refusing to cooperate. he's claiming that strong currents pulled her out to sea. >> it may give them a better understanding. it may give them a better view of inconsistencies in his story. >> reporter: investigators know they arrived at the rum reef restaurant at about 3:00 p.m. stayed for an hour, left for the beach. shortly after 6:00, giordano appears, shirtless, but his toupe still on. you may wonder why it's taken six weeks to develop the case. see forensic evidence, including robyn gardner's ipad and blood stains were only sent up a fuel month after she disappeared. robin?
7:34 am
now to the mansion mystery in california and our interview with the family of a woman found hanging after bizarre circumstances. her family wants the case reopened. you had a chance to talk to her sister? >> i did. rebecca zahau's death occurred just days after an accident killed her boyfriend's little boy. her family says she would never commit suicide, and never in this manner. what did you find troubling about the circumstances surrounding your sister's death? what doesn't add up to you? >> it doesn't add up from day one. >> reporter: mary zahau is struggling for answers. she's trying to figure out how her sister died at her
7:35 am
boyfriend, jonah shacknai's, house. she was found nude with her hands tied behind her back and her feet tied. >> yes. >> reporter: why would somebody do that? >> i have the same question. it seems like from the beginning, a lot of things were ignored. >> reporter: if you don't think your sister committed suicide, you're saying she was murdered. >> yes. >> the experts say there's never been a reported case of a suicide like this of a woman ever. just starting there, ever. >> reporter: authorities believe her suicide had everything to do with the death of jonah's 6-year-old son, max. two days earlier, max fell down the stairs. he died of his injuries. >> rebecca received news of max's grave condition at about 12:50 in the morning. she made the decision to take
7:36 am
her own life. >> reporter: but mary says she spoke to her sister hours earlier. >> it was a completely normal conversation. >> reporter: she sounded just like herself? >> yes. in a statement, jonah said she was a wonderful and unique person. >> i would like my -- people to remember my sister as a beautiful, loving, caring, kind person. and that she would not hurt anybody. anybody. >> reporter: even herself? >> even herself. >> reporter: one other bizarre development in the case. message spray-painted or painted with black paint on the bedroom door. she saved him, can he save her? nobody can say what that means
7:37 am
at this point. >> we're looking forward to more of your report tonight on "nightline." the parents, the sisters want the case reopened. is there a chance of that happening? >> i think this case is already to some degree reopened. it could happen. in a high-profile case like this, the authorities will not close it and start ignoring things. they'll get pressure from the public and family members. any new piece of information, they may say we're not reopening the investigation. they're looking into that, going back to the medical examiner. wait a second, can you exlain this? >> you say new piece of evidence. what we know already, or what we have been told, the fact there was trauma to the head. her hands were tied behind her back, blood on her body, a t-shirt in her mouth and around her neck. odd, to say the least, about a
7:38 am
suicide. >> no question. the authorities would say they have an explanation for each and every one of those items that is consistent with suicide. for a moment, ache the reverse. if this had been a murder, there would be an enormous amount of evidence, considering how public. her body was found on a balcony. either she committed suicide in a public way or she was murdered in an intention that willy public way. you would expect an enormous amount of evidence. >> we're saying reopening. you're thinking it's pretty much has been ongoing, even though they ruled it as a suicide? >> i think it's unlikely they'll reopen it in a way that will satisfy the family. but don't rule it out. >> for those looking for more on the ways to help the zahau family, go to time for the weather. let's get to sam. >> good morning, everybody. it's been a long time since we
7:39 am
saw pictures of the rain in the dallas area. we just did over the past couple of days. a good opportunity to get soaking rains. pictures out of wfaa will show you what we're talking about. so much, because the ground is so dry, it ran off and created flooding. it just didn't soak in. a lot of hail. here's a look at the dallas five-day. that's about the last opportunity for awhile to get the soaking rains. into the southwest, up comes the numbers. a summer-like return to vegas. portland, los angeles. every area from san francisco to l.a. will see much warmer temperatures. >> still cool in the northeast
7:40 am
and mid-atlantic today. all that weather was brought to you by macy's. >> i'm just waving. ♪ o canada we have a canadian flag out there. is this the beginning of the end for the "real housewives" franchise? come on back. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic."
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now to the latest real life drama in the real house wives series. the latest shakeup son "the real housewives of new york." four of the show ast cast have been fired. andrea canning has the story. >> reporter: from russell armstrong's suicide. >> i feel so bad for dana. >> reporter: to michaele salahi's running away, four tix churs of the real house wives of new york are fired.
7:45 am
jill, the queen of cat fights. >> we can never be friends. >> reporter: kelly, the mad model. alex mccord, the wallflower turned free-willed femme. >> give me a minute. >> reporter: and cindy, the new girl on the block, who lasted one season. >> it was a real disaster. >> reporter: while bravo says it was a friendy departure, cindy paints a different picture. telling abc news that following the reunion, it was clear hat the women genuinely didn't like each other anymore. >> i think the producers are stirring up their own drama. >> reporter: i spoke with jill in 2009 about the pressures of reality tv fame. >> i have given the advice, if it stops working for you, don't do it anymore. >> reporter: what is the most challenging thing for your family? >> there are haters out there. does it bother me? sure. >> reporter: the new york kst aways have plenty of company.
7:46 am
new jersey's daniel and the o.c.'s lynn were let go. the infamous cast members are making headlines. tareq salahi just filed for divorce after learning his beloved wife, michaele -- ♪ don't stop believing >> reporter: -- had hopped out of the arms of her husband and into the arms of the journey guitar player. jill is going release a personal letter to her fans today. >> and journey, really? thanks very much. coming up, all the hits and the misses on the red carpet at the emmys. big, big. big, big. big, big, big. big, big. big, big. big. ♪ big big-big -big. -big!
7:47 am
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in now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 7:56. we have got a look at sunrise in annapolis high thin clouds streaming in and making for a nice glare over even sky. mostly sunny skies a few high clouds showing up in baltimore. now check out mount airy and they have turned overcast and have a mostly cloudy sky there. and could that be a sign what have's sneaking in from the west? it's trying to. we have got the early sunshine around here. and i think we will thin out some of the clouds in central maryland but this afternoon you will notice the increase and that could dim out the sun and
7:57 am
even block it out to a mostly cloudy don't day. we warm back to 70 degrees and cloud tonight keep us from falling off too much and not nearly as chilly. back to 62. cloud they hang on for the rest of the week. mostly cloudy skies and not a washout but catered -- scattered showers and upper 70s to near 80 on thursday and scaling back into the lower 70s clearing out next weekend. tanya. we are right in the middle of rush hour slow traffic and all. everyone is going out there at the same time. let's look at the beltway from old court road near 795. we have stop and go traffic here from 795 around to edmonton and slow traffic harford to perring parkway. jfx is very slow this is the view from northern parkway and another live view from cold spring as you can see the volume continues downtown. as you make your way past the 41st street overpass and towards north avenue.
7:58 am
and it eases a bit but thevolume is heading downtown. it will remain that way for the next hour or so. then you will see a little relee at fayette. that's it for traffic. see you in a half-hour many back to new york
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ you hear the music, you see the crowd, there they are, the new cast of "dancing with the stars." you might hear sam in the background playing the bongos. melissa rycroft will join us in a little bit. >> sam's so excited. >> you're going to have the twitter party? >> the twitter party. >> behind the scenes of "dancing with the stars." not the twitter party. so many people are excited to see demi lovato live here on
8:01 am
"gma" in this hour. one of the top trending topics on twitter right now. they can't wait for her to kick off the falcon certificate series. she will. >> the lovatics here. they've been lining up since 2:00 a.m. >> she's coming up in this hour. and lara, the style report from the emmys, don't you have it for us? >> a big show this is. even before the first award was given out, there were some clear red carpet winners. i'll show you the best and the rest from tv's biggest night. and george, we're talking fashion. >> of course we are. first, let's get the news from josh. >> george and i and the rest. president obama's new plan to reduce the nation's deficit. he's unveiling a proposal this morning with a so-called buffett
8:02 am
rule. it would force the millionaires to pay the same percentage of taxes as the middle class. the overall plan would reduce the deficit by $2 trillion. no change to social security. republicans are vowing to fight the plan. and resedge finds the stress of the recession has increased child abuse. shaken baby and other situations have risen since the recession began. overseas this morning, seven people are in custody in brittain accused of plotting a terror attack. six men and one woman were believed to be in the early stages of a plot. meanwhile, investigators are looking into the tragedy at the air show in nevada on friday.
8:03 am
they say the pilot appeared to be unconscious at the time of that horrifying crash. nine people were killed. his dozens more injured. also this weekend, a pilot was killed in this crash at a west virginia air show. federal officials are promising to review air show regulations. and an update on the nasa satellite the size of a school bus that is falling to earth. the crash-landing is expected friday or saturday. most of it will burn up in the atmosphe atmosphere. a couple dozen piece are expected to hit the ground somewhere. nasa won't nowhere until about two hours before impact. >> could we be more specific? >> i hope so. if you think your boss never
8:04 am
listens to you, guess what? you're right. we have a study to prove it. the more power that the person in the corner office has, the less likely they are to take advice from their underligs. it's the result of what researchers call "inflated confidence." no surprise here. women take the advice more than the men. if we could look at our bosses upstairs. robin, you have said to tom, time and again, lights, we need lights. he's not listening. i want you to know, robin, i am. look how lovely she looks now. >> i'm just an underling. they're proud of themselves in there. how about you, lara? >> all right, you guys. let's get to the. news heat index. we begin with jennifer lopez and marc anthony, back together, if only for a moment, to celebrate marc anthony's 43rd birthday
8:05 am
over the weekend. they had some family time. he said it was his favorite present. he got emotional in a sold-out show in miami on friday when the crowd sang happy birthday. we too, want to wish you a happy b-day, big boy. and china almost giving angry birds a new reason to get steamed. a theme park based on the game has opened up there without anyone asking the creators of the game for permission. an agreement has been apparently reached. visitors are lining up to shoot stuffed birds out of giant slingshots. the park serves as a method for people to purge themselves and find happiness. it's estimated that a million users every single day are playing this highly addictive
8:06 am
game. look for a park like that near you. at some point. listen to this story. picky, picky, the largest sperm bank in the world is getting choose zi about the sperm they're willing to accept. it seems they've been getting so many donations in the last few years, they're not saying no to red-heads. not in people are requesting baby ginger. they say in ireland that red-headed sperm are selling like hot kax. fin hot cakes. netflix is splitting in two. netflix is the streaming side. the dvd division is being named quickster. no price increakreecrease this around. you remember the 60% increase for subscribers earlier this summer. i'm sure they're hoping this decision will have a hollywood
8:07 am
happy ending. that's all the news you need to know in the world of pop. back to you in new york. >> got the e-mail late last night from netflix. thanks. let's go to sam. you're by the canadian flag. >> good morning. i missed the last part. what? >> the flag. >> which one? >> the flag! >> oh, the canadian flag. what happens now is that i have to lip read. george and robin are going -- and everybody else knew what it was but me. i'm like, what? i can't, don't know, can't see you. it's the canadian flag. good morning. what's your name? >> trina. >> where are you from? >> ontario. >> now we got them in. one or two things going on this morning. we're going to start with chicagoland. a big dip in the temperatures.
8:08 am
clouds and showers and fog. you'll bounce up tuesday to 72. already, the plains some of the nicest weather this morning. it's absolutely beautiful there. cool here. right, this morning? everybody wearing an extra layer. it will stay cool for a couple of days here. sunny and warmer, that's where the warm, summer-like temperatures are. >> pretty big crowd out here in
8:09 am
times square for demi lovato coming up in this half hour. la lara? looks great. here's what's coming up. we're going behind the scenes with the hot cast of "dancing with the stars," as they count down to tonight's big premier. are they ready to rumba? tonight, the red carpet hits and maybe a couple of misses from the emmys. i'll show you the sizzling star styles. it was a lot of fun. and demi lovato is with us with a special message for her fans. coming up on "gma." ♪ like i'm made of paper think twice. it may be a sign that your digestive system could be working better. listen to this with occasional irregularity, things your body doesn't use could be lingering in your system, causing discomfort.
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8:14 am
coming up, "good morning america"'s falcon certificate series, presented by sears. demi lovato coming up. but you know what that music means? the premier tonight of "dancing with the stars." our friend and "dancing" veteran, melissa rycroft knows what it's like. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, george. i got to spend a day with the new cast. they're excited. they're ready. and they have been working very hard and -- let's be honest. they're going to have to to win the trophy this year. over the past 12 seasons, the cast of "dancing with the stars" has rumbaed, cha-chaed and fox trotted its way into america's heart.
8:15 am
a front row seat to dramas, injuries, heart breaking losses and glorious wins. for tonight's 13th season premier, we had the opportunity to go behind the scenes with the new cast and catch a sneak peek at some never before seen dancing action. this is the first glimpse of chaz dancing with partner lacey schwimmer. >> will the joints ever not hurt? >> yeah, when you're done dancing. >> reporter: a lot of talk, controversy. has it died down? did you let it affect you? >> i don't know if it's died down or not. i didn't let it affect me. >> reporter: rumor has it, mom will be in the audience for one performance. how's he doing? >> at first, very scared. it took a lot of effort to get him to do things. now that he's comfortable with it, he's starting to have fun. it's cool. >> it will be fun.
8:16 am
hopefully, i won't be too nervous to overlook the fun aspect. >> reporter: how would you describe her so far, personality, how is everything coming together? >> funny, determined. >> don't mess in up. >> i have to say nice. >> reporter: nancy grace is known for her hard-hitting legal analysis. whether the world objects to her skills remains to be seen. >> i'm going the keep the same mind set as in the courtroom. you know, you've been in the end zone before. you can do it. >> reporter: carson kressley enjoys doing dead-on impressions of his competitors. i heard you have a killer nancy grace impression. >> i kind of do maybe. i don't know why she chose the cha-cha, let's talk to the d.a., thank you so much. >> reporter: ricki lake, known for her role in hair spray and her talk show in the '90s, believe the difference in the
8:17 am
waistline. >> i've lost 8 1/2 inches. in my waist, 3 inches in my hips. i'm the lily tom lyitomlin of t season. >> reporter: david arquette seen here in the recent scream 4, can't wait for his daughter, coco, to see him on the show. >> are you going to wear that on your lapel? >> coco chanel used to wear them. >> reporter: lakers star, ron artest, who recently changed his name to metta world peace believes the secret to success in all in the name. what is up with the makeup? kristin cavallari, j.r. martinez. chynna phillips has my former partner.
8:18 am
tony dovolani. how is the thank you stage? >> we're finally in the grand ballroom. "dancing with the stars" got what it deserves, finally. >> reporter: elisabetta canalis will dance with value which mer k -- val whichmerkovskiy. who will the mirror ball go home with this year? there are tons of personalities. i'm excited to see what they bring to the table. i hate to say this going into night one. you never know. i think that j.r. martinez could be the standout this season. he really impressed me from what i saw. i thing he and karina could go really far. >> i'm impressed, melissa. the two-hour premier is tonight at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central. which celebrity are you most
8:19 am
excited to see dance tonight? vote now on your smart phone or on our website. let's go back to lara. i want to talk to you about the emmys and the fashion. jane lynch set the tone right away. she was relaxed. kind of silly. that was the feeling both inside the nokia and on the red carpet. jon hamm, kathy griffin, betty white, they were there to party. the style -- the temperatures and the dresses, both sizzling. >> the emmys are hot. hot and juicy. full of talent. so good you want to eat it. >> reporter: it was a perfect 10 for emmy fashion. naturally. >> this is a design by simene. >> my favorite. >> and she's working it. and she's working it. who are you wearing?
8:20 am
>> blue marine. >> reporter: beautiful. >> thank you. >> reporter: how did you decide to wear this? >> i put it on, everybody went -- i said, that's the dress. >> reporter: there were beautiful shoes. >> sneaker in a shoe. >> reporter: purses had their own signature. >> what really bums he out. a phone will not fit in here. >> reporter: and a bling-a-on this, of course. necklaces, all sorts of jewelry. look at sophia ver garavergara' earrings. can you get her face? news flash, this just sound found. a diamond broach on the carpet. if you've lost it, contact "good morning america." i did just find this. >> wow, that's crazy. finder's keepers, really.
8:21 am
>> who do you turn it in to? >> reporter: i don't know. tonight's big winner, "modern family" how come you weren't nominated? >> i don't know. come on, emmy voters. why wasn't i nominated. >> reporter: and rico was having a blast. work it. uh huh. the fashion was hot. so was the temperature. >> hot people. meaning hot people. >> reporter: you think we're joking. there are sweat minders that do this. like in good party, everyone was telling stories. even jane lynch. shouldn't she be inside by now. >> i walked by a guy, he said, she looks so much better in person. you never know how the take that. i gave him the finger, though. >> reporter: who looks hot on the red carpet? >> everybody. anything in a tuxedo looks hot to me. >> reporter: and the very, very last foreign arrive was katie holmes wearing calvin klein,
8:22 am
looking fabulous. she just left. how did you like it? >> she looks fantastic. the perfect exit dress. looking hot walking in and hot walking out. >> reporter: the lost brooch? we reunited it with the publicist. hi was her grandmother's and she was relieved. >> thank you. >> reporter: she's a publicist for "desperate housewives." my number one favorite, sofia vergara, va va voom. bruno and carrie ann said, the cast of this season, great. >> you did a good thing by returning the brooch. last year, superstar demi
8:23 am
lo lovato surprised people. by stepping away from her tv show. we'll have a performance later. but first, demi lovato. please welcome her back. good to have you back. >> thank you. >> and the album drops at midnight. >> midnight tonight. >> when i talked to you if april, you were so excited. tell us about the inspiration. >> the inspiration behind it, i think a lot of it was the excitement of just getting back into the swing of things and getting back into music and everything. i've taken a lot of time off over the past year. now, i'm like, back in the game with a vengeance. i'm ready. i'm here. and i'm unbroken. the title of the album. >> and sky scraper is the hit single. you said this was special for you. you could have put out a dance single if you wanted to. that would have been fine.
8:24 am
but it was important to you about this one, the words in particular. >> skyscraper symbolized the journey i was on. i'm standing here today, tall and confident, like a skyscraper. i wanted to come out with a song that explained my journey, rather than coming out with, a dance song that wasn't going to say anything to my fans. this song, it inspired my fans. >> i know sitting with you and hearing from your fans, the lovatics, you must have heard from them, too. so many, especially girls, who said, somebody finally understands me. an eating disorder. bipolar, cutting.
8:25 am
all those things. it's something that -- how has it helped you being so open about it? >> coming forward and talking about it has not only helped me, personally, because -- you know, a lot of times when you have a problem or an issue, it becomes the elephant in the room. now it's like, hey, i'm eating now. you know, it's like, not awkward. it's easy for me to joke about and for me to really have that sense of i don't know that i've overcome it and that i'm able to talk about it. it's a huge release for me. then also, i have so many fans that come up to me at concerts that say, thanks to you, and because of you telling your story, i have been able to get help for my eating disorder. i've been able to tell my parents about my cutting. that, to me, is just way beyond fathomable. that's all that i want to do in this world is to be able to inspire and help people.
8:26 am
the fact that people are coming to me right now and telling me that i'm already doing that is unbelievable. >> and you're doing well. that's the important thing. and you are strong. you know, you have people in twitter world, when you were on the red carpet and you looked fantastic. somebody had the nerve to talk about your weight. your fired right back. you're not going to take it lying down. >> i think a part of it is, i'm irish, sicilian, hispanic. i'm a little feisty. i don't know, i just saw a bunch of comments on twitter. and, you know, i wasn't going put up with it. it's a bigger issue. not just about me. it's about all the other young girls. what, i'm supposed to succumb to your ideal image of what thin is? i'm going to stand above that and be a role model. >> that's great. and you're going sing next.
8:27 am
married most powerful dop lar radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. look at temperatures. mid to upper 50s. 55 easton and we have had more clear skies be a sunshine and 58 here in town. we have got a hole developing and cloud shield because it's overcast on back towards the west. so a lot of sunshine around baltimore and high thin clouds mixed in around the bay. deeper thicker cloud cover to the west that will move into our direction. so the early sun gives way to increasing clouds and the guaranteed high back to 70. >> reporter: we have an accident reported 95 northbound beforerussell and outer loop around security a disabled vehicle. let's look at our live traffic cameras.
8:28 am
we have stop and go traffic out there on the outer loop. this is at old court road near 795 more stop than go. it will last around edmonson. bel air top side is the view from harford road and now with the latest local news here's charley. >> family friends and law enforcement want to know what happened to robyn gardner. today, police are going to retrace the crime scene and reenact the crime as it was reported possibly from gary giordano. she has been gone for six weeks. last place she was seen was on a isolated beach in aruba. the maryland man claimed a strong current pulled her tout sea while snorkeling. police are saying there's an incould have siftenceies in the story and he is not helping with the investigation at all. time to go back to new york for more "good morning america. always you can join us at and like us on facebook and we have your late of the news, weather and traffic there. have a great monday and see you
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ from the ground like a skyscraper ♪ ♪ like a skyscraper >> you know those fans outside right now are so excited. demi lovato. an amazing young performer and young woman. she's triumphed over so much. some of the fans lined up about 2:00 in the morning. >> it was a pleasure to listen to her. so strong and so good. >> normal and real and ware of her place. it with us great. >> it would be like an elephant in the room.
8:31 am
she's in the ashamed to address it. it's helping so many people. >> what a bonus. we get to hear her sing as well. get ready for a little revenge. we're going to talk to emily van camp. >> we're going have breakfast, too? >> yeah, noodle-free lasagna. fabulous dishes. i don't know where you were this weekend. fall was kick in. rachael ray standing in. before the premier of her show. she's got all sorts of noodle-free lasagna this morning. the important initiative here. the million moms challenge. every mother, everywhere in the world, wants the same thing. a healthy pregnancy, a safe birth, and baby that will survive and thrive. for millions of moms in developing countries, is that
8:32 am
the a huge challenge. david muir is outside with the crowd. some of them have signed up. they're getting ready with the hand sign. you're just back from the front lines in somalia. they're calling it the children's famine there. >> american moms are making a difference. lae let's hear it for a million moms. you don't have to be a mom to make a difference. but for all of the mom this is morning getting the school lunches ready, if there was ever wonder in your mind about how to make a difference around the world, we have proof. just back from africa where american moms are making a difference. our journey to the swelling r refugee camp in africa. a little boy tries to keep up with us. the chimp had a simple question. >> how are you? how are you? >> reporter: dadaab, kenya, has
8:33 am
absorbed nearly half a million refugees. the camp now the size of oklahoma city. so many here are mothers. each won a warrior for the survival or their own children. the strength is not going unnoticed. in an act of global sisterhood, moms from every corner of america. karen, amy, all putting their own families on hold. the american moms meet each other first. hugs at the airport. a simple t-shirt. it only takes one mom. the mother we met who walked with her three children from somalia to kenya by foot to find food. and she gave birth along the way. she gave birth while walking to get here? >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: a girl or boy? >> a baby girl. >> reporter: a baby girl. just this past week, while in
8:34 am
somalia, a new wave of disaster. the hunger has weakened the immune systems here that there is a measles outbreak. his forehead burning and the cough. we went to find the tiny clinics where we find mothers risking dangerous streets. they're determined to protect their children. they've lined up here because they know this is a place they can get vak seens. this 9-month-old is about to get the vaccine for measles. so important after the scene at the hospital. and for those american moms, the reality for the mothers here revealed. on this day, a mother learns she's passed hiv on to her children. >> i don't think people realize what the -- the situation is. >> reporter: her children will now get anti-viral medication. >> we're here today because we're moms, just like you.
8:35 am
♪ >> reporter: shared steps by that sisterhood. and a drum beat from the blogs back home. hoping to send a message, one mom, o children all over the world. american moms making the difference. viewers who watched our reporting have purchased 138,000 doses of the measles vaccine. this morning, the big challenge, so simple. right on our hands. million moms. >> everybody here is getting -- thank you david, very much. sign-on at home. million or like million moms challenge on facebook. the first people that join us, johnson & johnson will make a donation to help out. this can really, really make a difference. >> american moms making a difference.
8:36 am
>> sam? >> guess who i am standing by? my favorite from "brothers and sisters" emily cvan camp. you have a new show coming up. it's got to be a sweet, friendly, funny show. ? you would think, no, no. it's not. >> kst called "revenge." >> she's evil. but she's going back to exact revenge on people. it's fun. it's juicy. >> you're too nice. what did they do really out there in the hamptons that got you this angry? >> they tore this young girl away from her father. that's bad. and she didn't like that. >> that's good. look at a clip. because this turns evil. >> you must be the new renter. >> emily thorn. word gets around fast. >> like lightning.
8:37 am
i'm lydia. my husband and i own the house you're stage in. >> oh, oh wow. so nice to meet you. i can't tell you how much i love it. >> me, too. good memories were made there. >> hopefully, i can make some of my own. >> so long as we don't have the take it out of your damage deposit. welcome to the hamptons. >> there's going to be some damage. you're from canada, rornlg nally. had you ever been to the hampness to before? >> no, i had not. we shot the pilot in wilmington. i have yet to go to the hamptons. >> it's all the natural beauty that millions can buy you. is there a secret to the first episode? >> you'll have to tune in and watch. it's a great show. i'm so proud of it.
8:38 am
great actors. madeleine stowe. i think everybody will love it. it's a great nighttime soap. >> we're excited bt it. we have talked about it behind the scenes. it's on on wednesday, 10:00 p.m. thanks for stopping by. >> thank you for having me. here's what we're looking forward to. we have some beautiful sky. particularly into the deep south. florida, warm temperatures. the cool air gets all the way into atlanta today. into the southwest, the 100-degree temperatures. the little dose of summer up the coast as well. gorgeous in the middle of the country. th
8:39 am
>> all of that weather was brought to you by ameriprize. coming up next -- rachael ray is cooking. >> they're a little wild. they're excited about the lasagna. >> no noodles?
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
the autumnal chill in the air. great way to warm up in the kitchen is with lasagna. rachael ray is here. all the lasagnas we're going to see, all noodle-free? >> we noodled around with what lasagna could be. our crack chicken staff nailed this one. >> the autumn golden lasagna. >> i have a love for butternut
8:43 am
squash that can only be surpassed by my pit bull. we have push kin between layers of butternut squash and wonton wrappers. there's the needling it around. if you give me all the squash, we'll put i here on top. get it in here. >> right there? >> layer it across. what's so great about working with the wonton, they cook up so quickly. you can make these like a factory, pop them in the freezer, they cook off super, super, super fast. >> it's beautiful as well. it's booeautiful looking. taste it. >> i'm excited. i'll take a small bite. so i can -- oh, that's good. >> it's killer, right? >> it's food. >> tender, butter i. beautiful with the pumpkins.
8:44 am
>> making our way down. >> you have a matza pizza lasagna. homemade or store bought marinara sauce. get in there and make it. sauce over the top. a little mozzarella. >> how does the matza hold up in the cooking process? >> it heats in seconds. it has a nice bite. for children this one is so fun. it's done in minutes. >> let me see that. >> taste it. >> i am. >> it appears to be something that it may not entirely be. >> i thought i was going to have to do the fake face. >> we have a huge, big, by show
8:45 am
today. the 901st episode. a total surprise show this was. i showed up, i had no idea what i was doing that day. it was fantastic. >> to george. >> this is the sock it to me mousaka. it's so healthy. your doctor will write you a thank you note. >> can you correct you? mousaka? >> it's layered bechamel and zu keenny. >> it's healthy. >> it's super healthy. the sauce thickened up, a little flour and butter. a huge tray of vegetables. isn't that delicious. did i bring a good breakfast or what? >> for sam?
8:46 am
>> he doesn't wait. he's like, whatever. >> rachael, can you start talking, because i have a mouthful? >> yes. moms are familiar with this. everybody likes a southwestern or mexican twist up. this is about having lasagna on the table any night of the week. it's refried beans, salsas and tortill tortillas. it's like a big nacho. >> i like that you hid the peas in there. i'm not a big pea fan. that's delicious. >> why would you not eat the peas? >> i was the kid that hid them. >> thumbs up, everyone? >> congratulations. >> the sixth season of our show. we have president clinton. and salma hayek. >> you should see the fish net. >>
8:47 am
>> i've been running six days a week. i can wear the fish. >> i love that look. >> it's cute, right. >> it's adorable. ♪ you can break everything i
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ i will be right in front of you ♪ we are thrilled to have demi lovato kicking off our falcon certificate series. her new album hits stores at mid night. here her block buster hit already. demi lovato and skyscraper. ♪ ♪ skies are crying i am watching catching tear drops in my
8:50 am
hands ♪ ♪ only silence as it's ending like we never had a chance ♪ ♪ do you have to make me feel like there's nothing left of me ♪ ♪ you can take everything i have you can break everything i am like i'm made of glass ♪ ♪ look i'm made of paper and go on and try to tear me down ♪ ♪ i will be rising from the ground ♪ ♪ like a skyscraper like a skyscrape skyscrap skyscraper ♪
8:51 am
♪ as the smoke clears, i awaken and untangle you from me ♪ ♪ would it make you feel better to watch me while i bleed? ♪ oh my windows are broken but i'm standing on my feet ♪ ♪ you can take everything i have you can break everything i am like i'm made of glass like i'm made of paper ♪ ♪ and go on and try to tear me down i will be rising from the ground ♪ ♪ like a skyscrape r like a
8:52 am
skyscraper ♪ ♪ go run run run i'm gonna stay right here ♪ ♪ watch you disappear yeah i'll go run run run ♪ ♪ yeah it's a long way down i'm closer to the clouds up here ♪ ♪ you can take everything i have you can break everything i am ♪ ♪ like i'm made of glass like i'm made of paper ♪ ♪ oh go on and try to tear me down i will be rising from the ground ♪ ♪ like a skyscraper like a skyscraper ♪
8:53 am
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you can see all the tweets twitter world is afire for this woman right here. demi lovato. thank you for being here. you'll have another song online. when does "unbroken" come out? >> at midnight tonight. all of you at home, who do you want? nancy grace on "dancing with the stars"? david arquette is number two. chaz is number three. big night tonight. now married's most powerful doppler-- married's -- maryland's post if you are foul
8:57 am
doppler dare ants forecast certified most -- most powerful dop lar radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. we started clear in annapolis. high clouds take over adding extra glare to the sky and we look at baltimore where extra high clouds mixed in as well. still looking at sunshine but a little bit of a dimming of that sun. now we take the look back towards mount airy and watch the clouds just dominate over themorning hours and once you head about 20, 30 miles to the west of baltimore officer overcast sky. temperatures bounced back nicely. mostly sunny skies and after starting in the 40s bel air to 55. 59 northeast and chestertown. but we started milder all though the cloud cover has actually helped to even things "ñthe and preventing them from warming up too reisterstown at 54. 58 ellicott city. woodbine and frederick underneath the clouds at 57 degrees. further to the west look at this. long line of rain extending to the great lakes down through east texas which has been great
8:58 am
news for them. all be it a brief shower pack passing through houston at heft it's raining for them. and -- passing through houston. at least it's raining for them a slow progrs of the system and not well organized veept as you see it broken up showers across the heartland but as it rolls in our direction we have expect thickening cloud cover looks like we are getting this wave right now does appear a break up back into west virginia and then you get knot rain in ohio and -- get into the rain in ohio and it appears it will make it up across the mountains and the computer model is back a little bit prbl going to make -- probably going to make it to hagerstown and frederick and we will get clouds out of that system and be in at out -- and out of the clouds. 70 today dry and tonight back down to 62. and highs upper 70s to near 08 and scattered showers -- 08 and scat -- 80s and scattered showers and clouds the rest of the week.
8:59 am

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